About Multi Cultural Unity

To encourage cultural unity MCU will partner with film production companies, to produce high-quality, commercially viable, wide distribution movies and television programs. The goal is the creation and international distribution/exhibition of award-worthy projects in the vein of SCHINDLER'S LISTDANCES WITH WOLVES, and 12 YEARS A SLAVE –memorable and heartfelt projects with engaging and inspiring content.  

The revenues generated by these projects will be retained by these film production companies and deemed “re-pledged” for future productions consistent with our goals, to enlighten and encourage the many peoples of the world to embrace: 


  • The acquisition of knowledge; 

  • The acceptance of the varied customs, abilities, and habits of different societies. 

  • The idea of universal law;

  • The adherence to a moral compass; 

  • The appreciation of art; and

  • The belief in God; 


Our message to welcome diversity and empower unity will be impactful. Please donate to MCU so that we may make among other grants, meaningful, self-sustaining grants for the production of high-quality, award-worthy movies and television programs. And, a special thanks in advance! 


Grant Types:

"Recyclable" Film Grants

  • Some donations made to MCU are utilized to provide grants to film production companies.  These grants will allow MCU to advance the production of select films that embody our ideals that might otherwise never be produced.

  • MCU will not profit from these productions. Instead monies generated as a result of MCU grants will be retained and re-invested by these film companies, thereby creating replenish-able funds for the production of future, MCU message-worthy projects. 

Other Director Grants

  • Shall be made as deemed appropriate.







MCU Executive Director

  •  Greg Stewart

  •  Bannor Michael MacGregor, past Executive Director/Founder

Donations are

100% Deductible






Film Revenues

are Re-invested

Dollars Recycle 

The Organization for the Advocacy

             of Multi Cultural Unity, Inc.


  • Upon receipt of your donation, MCU will send a letter confirming your gift, providing the information necessary for you to claim your donation as a U.S. tax deduction. Because MCU is a tax-exempt Public Charity, your donation is fully deductible.



We accept donations via PayPal:





And by Wire:


Chase Bank

1007 Beaver Creek Commons Drive, Apex, NC  27502
ABA#: 072000326


For the Account: Multi Cultural Unity

Account #: 669128958


For Favor of: [Add the name of the party who will be receiving the tax benefit]

To view MCU's Tax Exempt status with the IRS click on the link below:

       EIN: 81-0766226 | Durham, NC, United States


Inspired Projects

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Our Address

8317 Wake Forest Highway, Raleigh, NC  27613

Email:  donate@multiculturalunity.org
Tel:       (919) 646-4650


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